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How can an personal injury attorney help me with my accident case?

We help you maximize the payment on your personal injury settlement!  Do not hesitate to contact an attorney, and do not become the victim of an insurance adjustor.

Tucson Attorney Adolfo Lara helps clients with car accident, wrongful death, and other personal injury claims in Tucson. You deserve fair compensation for the injuries caused by the negligence of others. An auto accident from our Tucson office will manage your claim against insurance companies and third parties to recover monetary compensation for your losses.

Every aspect of your case is handled by an attorney to help you recover monetary damages, including payment for:

    • your pain and suffering
    • your medical bills
    • your damaged vehicle
    • your future medical expenses
    • your lost income to date, and
    • your lost future earning capacity

What cases does your law firm handle?

Our law firm handles every type of (970) 237-8548 including motor vehicle accidents, severe injuries, drunk driver accidents, trucking accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, brain injuries, spinal injuries, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, bus accidents, dog bites, burns and scars, elevator accidents, taxi cab accidents, and ambullete accidents.

Call 520-577-0707 for a free consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your personal injury claim.  You may also use our contact form to give us the details of your case.

Injury Claims in Tucson, Arizona

Have you been involved in an accident? 

If so, you already know that you will have to pay medical bills and fight an insurance company that is not willing to pay you a fair amount for your injuries.

If you were involved in an accident, the help of an auto accident attorney can make the difference between recovering fair compensation for your injuries, and not receiving anything at all.  Insurance companies are not on your side and you need the legal assistance to honor your rights under the insurance policy that you purchased or the coverage of the person responsible for your injuries. 


accidents attorney

Protect your family by hiring a personal injury attorney to represent your family after an accident. 

The Lara Law Firm pays special attention to all the damages you suffered including the time that you spent away from your family and your loss of consortium.


What is the value of my case?

Every accident is different and the losses a person experiences vary from losing their job or loss of wages, property damage to their vehicle, permanent injury, or even the loss of their life.  We have the experience in this area of the law to give you the results that you deserve.  Our dedication to our cases has proved to greatly benefit our clients.

Tucson Personal Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies are not interested in your well being. 

Insurance companies want to settle your personal injury claim quickly and with little, or no compensation to

Tucson car accident

Should I settle my case on my own?

Do not settle your personal injury case on your own.  Studies confirm that personal injury victims do not receive nearly as much financial compensation for their accident cases when they are not represented by an auto accident attorney. 

The Lara Law Firm can represent you against the insurance companies and in court.  We highly recommend that you seek representation by this law firm, or any other competent personal injury attorney in Tucson. 

Contact the Lara Law Firm today by calling 520-577-0707 or by using our convenient online contact form.  We strive to get more money in your pocket by filing lawsuits, presenting your case to a jury, conducting investigation, and minimizing the amount of liens in your case. 

Our Commitment to You

We understand how an accident can change your life.  You may have lost your job after your accident, or you may have had to lose many days or weeks from work.  Or even worse, you may have been changed permanently by your injuries and life may not be the same for you or your family anymore.  We understand what you are going through and every client is a personal commitment for us.

How can your law firm help me?

We take every case very seriously.  Our mission is to obtain as much financial compensation for your personal injury case as possible.  Our clients have been very satisfied with the results of this law firm. Attorney Adolfo Lara and Jeff Gould, of counsel, can help you with your injury clai.

Contact a Tucson Auto Accident Attorney today for a free, no-obligation consultation.  

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